Nexus 7 (2013): Hardware-Info

Here you’ll find the whole shebang: Everything, the new Nexus 7 Hardware, the specific name and manufacturer of the part etc.

Since I can’t guarantee that all the sites I linked to in the Dungeon will stay available, here’s the best of, combined with a progress-report on how the port to the target-distro emdebian is going.Since I’m still in the research stage, consider this as a stub. More will come – I promise… sorta 🙂

Nexus 7 (2013): Hardware Info & Status

CPUAPQ8064-1AAQualcomm✔✔marketed as Snapdragon S4 Pro
GPUAdreno 320Qualcomm(✔)(✔)Freedreno seems stable enough to give it a spin
LCDLT070ME05000JDIN/AnoMight require some hard-coding, should be able to steal it from the android code
TouchscreenEKTF3K?ELAN MicroelectronicsN/AnoThe chip has been around the block for quite some time, should be able to re-purpose a generic TS driver
WiFi, BT, FMWCN3360Qualcomm / Atheros(✔)(✔)Something tells me, this is gonna be a royal pita!
Camera (front)12P2BA536Lite-OnN/A?
Camera (back)OV5693OmniVisionN/A?
ChargingSMB345Summit Microelectronics / QualcommWIPno
Charging (wireless)BQ51013BTexas InstrumentsWIPN/A
PMIC / GPIOPM8921QualcommWIPno
Column V/K: whether the device is supported by a vanilla kernel v3.17
Sources:, dmesg

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