Monthly Archives: September 2013

Nexus 7: GPIO assignments

This might come in handy one day. I raided the DebugFS on the Nexus 7 and tried to cross-reference it with the Kernel-Source for GPIO pin-assignments and tried to match them to a module / functionality.

The Dungeon

So – while I’m waiting for the rest of my toys to arrive, I’ll start with some generic infos I compiled so far. With the new Nexus still being a fairly young device, I am positive that more specs and informations will surface in the coming weeks, and I will  update this site from time… Read More »

The Eagle has landed…

Well.. Eagle would be a bit overkill for this iddy tablet, but hey. I will spare you the suspension of yet another unpack-video (will he get the stickers open? Is it the right charger? Oh look! A manual!!!!), just a few first impressions: The case feels good – yes, it’s plastic, but it has a… Read More »

This is it…

Alright people, calm down. I know it’s me, and you can get your tablets signed over at the counter 😉 So – why do I pester these interwebs with yet another tech-blog? For once – because I can 😉 Second, the stuff I do is mostly non-production ready, meaning it would be premature to publish… Read More »