The Eagle has landed…

By | September 2, 2013

Well.. Eagle would be a bit overkill for this iddy tablet, but hey.

I will spare you the suspension of yet another unpack-video (will he get the stickers open? Is it the right charger? Oh look! A manual!!!!), just a few first impressions:

  • The case feels good – yes, it’s plastic, but it has a good grip and doesn’t have that cheap low-tech feel
  • Android 4.3 impressed me deeply – the first tooltip after going through the setup blocked the entire device, because the button to dismiss it was only visible in portratit mode (well done, google!)
  • Overall response is very speedy, graphics are nice

Since I have to wait ’till I get my newest batch of ‘the tools of the trade’, I’ll play around with it some more and keep you posted, if I should stumble over something noteworthy.

Until then, you can get giddy by watching iFixit’s teardown of my Nexus’ brother over at their site.


After dabbling around with it, there’re a couple of things I noticed that annoy the living hell out of me, but since these are all Android related, they aren’t really relevant. Suffice to say that a bunch of core-apps gloriously crashed in the few hours since I got the Nexus. But since Android 4.3 is still very young, let’s just chalk it up to early hickups.

The hardware itself really amazes me. The graphics are very smooth, same goes for transitions and animations. The only thing that keeps bugging me is the fact that the embossed “nexus” on the back suggests it should be primarily used in landscape-mode. Using the Nexus in landscape-mode is a PITA! The keyboard takes up half of the screen, and even if you don’t need it, you spend more time scrolling around than actually reading stuff, because there’s only so much you can display on a screen that’s 10cm high.

And this just in: the first batch of torture-tools just got delivered 🙂
Something I just noticed: the rear camera is not what I’d consider mind-blowing. Or the Nexus simply realized it’s photographing the tools that will be used to take it apart soon:

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