Nexus 7: Input Devices

By | September 8, 2013

Some infos about the Nexus 7 input devices I managed to grab from the stock-android’s dmesg and the kernel-sources:

  • /dev/input/event0: touchscreen
    • the Kconfig lists it as legacy-device, so implementing support shouldn’t be hard
  • /dev/input/event1 seems to be the lid-sensor (for smart covers)
    • since atm I have neither a smart cover nor a magnet, this still needs confirmation
  • /dev/input/event4: Headset-Button events (kernel-source indicates that it only gets button pushed / release events)
    • so the good news is: headsets are supported
  • /dev/input/event5: power and volume buttons
    • Power is registered to GPIO 26
    • Volume Up is registered to GPIO 155
    • Volume Down is registered to GPIO 189

Still unclear is what’s connected to event1-3

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