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By | September 5, 2013

So – while I’m waiting for the rest of my toys to arrive, I’ll start with some generic infos I compiled so far.
With the new Nexus still being a fairly young device, I am positive that more specs and informations will surface in the coming weeks, and I will  update this site from time to time. What struck me in the past few weeks is that the big G and it’s manufacturing-minions managed to keep a very tight lid on the inner workings of the Nexus 7 flo / deb models. There’s no repair  service interesting manuals flying around, I found out jack about the APQ or any other significant part…

Here’s what I have so far:


  • has a pretty extensive list of the hardware / chips used
  • some rudimentary info on serial ports on the Snapdragon platform can be found here
  • of course, the Nexus 7 (2013) sub-forum on
  • and a little eye-candy from



    I strongly suspect the three soldering pads on the right might be exactly what we need: a UART-Port!


  • the original Android Kernel-Sources
  • official binary-images for the hardware
  • my biggest clue to the UART-port(s) from the software-side: the GPIO-config (look for line #395)
  • my intended target-distribution: emdebian
  • Something worth looking into: Ubuntu Touch (I don’t plan on actively working with it, but it might be interesting as reference, since the Snapdragon-based Nexus 4 and 10 are already supported)
  • freedreno, a OSS-project to get the Adreno GPU working, GPL-style!

The intention of this page is to stash all the stuff I deem interesting. As I progress (towards world domination *muarrharr*),  I will compile a de-facto page with all relevant informations for the Nexus 7. This page will be kept as resource-bunker, which hopefully will help others to get started with their devices.

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