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By | August 25, 2015

Yellou everyone!

I know I haven’t been very active over the past… months -_-

However, there’s good reasons for that: I am about to finish my Master’s, the giant monster that has been monopolising my time and all but destroyed my social life – but hey, the end is in sight.

Anywho – after having another look at the kernel-msm mailinglist, things have been progressing quite a bit! At first glance, MIPI DSI support for mdp4/5 seems very mature, Rob Clark recently touted major improvements for the upcoming mesa 11 and overall, more and more bits and pieces made it into upstream.

While the N7 isn’t the newest device anymore, it still packs enough of a punch and, what seems to be full Wayland support, to run a nice linux distro on it – after the recent news about Stagefright, Certi-Gate and CVE2015-3825 (pissed off yet?), only to name a few of those tinsy holes that could casually cripple your entire damn device, now more than ever! (I mentioned I’m no fan of Android, right?)

In the meantime, there are some very promising new SoCs on the market, especially HardKernel’s ODROID-C1+ and NextThingCo’s C.H.I.P. ($9 for a SoC – are you bloody kidding me!?) – depending on the use case, both will sure give the Raspberries a run for its money!

Alright folks, that’s all for now. Once September 11th (dissertation deadline) and the inevitable hangover has passed, I’ll get my life back and I can pick up where I left off way too long ago.

Until then,



Not sure if you’ve noticed, but this blog has moved houses. I’ve started to consolidate my projects under one roof, that one being ZaunerONE (the .DE TLD is blocked by some twat who doesn’t want to share :P). The old URLs will remain active for a while, but I recommend you update your bookmarks. You have bookmarked this, blog right?! RIGHT?!

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