Nexus 7: i2c Bus Devices

By | August 27, 2014

While work on the kernel steadily progresses, there’s quite a few bits and pieces that finally fall into place.

Here’s a list of all devices on the Nexus 7 that are hooked up via i2c.

I’m currently working on getting the basics, such as charging and battery to work. The Summit Microelectronics SMB345 seems to be the bigger challenge right now as there is not a trace of a datasheet floating around on the ether. All I can go by is the source in the Android tree and the dmesg output on the stock msm-3.4 kernel.

Looking at the code of the smb347, they seem to be rather distant cousins, the smb345 being the weird one sitting somewhere at an empty table because its a freak (it does wireless charging – afaics unlike the rest of the family).

Anyhow, below is a list of the Nexus 7 i2c devices with bus number and addresses:

i2c Bus #AddressDevice
00x39anx7808Slimport cable detector
00x55bq27541-batteryWiPNot fully SBS compliant
00x77bcm2097x-i2cBroadcom 20973 NFC chip
40x40ov5693Camera (back)
40x48mi1040Camera (front)

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