Devil may care

By | October 16, 2013

Just dropping by to give you a little update:

Three weeks ago, my beloved BigMac kicked the bucket. His fellow electricals and myself are still shocked and in mourning. Until his replacement gets here, all my endeavours (as well as some other things) came to a screeching halt.

I just got the confirmation that the new MBA (I dub thee “BigMac II”… until I can come up with a better name) is in production and should leave his birthplace at the end of the week. In related news: after 6 weeks, the plastic spudgers, that are necessary to start prying the Nexus 7 apart, are still MIA. Once I claimed for refund on Amazon, the vendor had the nerve to contact me, begging me to withdraw the claim, as Amazon was “this close” to closing them down. Kind-hearted as I am, I did not withdraw anything. Seriously – how do you expect to run a business if you can’t make sure the stuff you sell gets from A to B?
Bottom line: I seriously recommend not buying anything from a vendor called “tnv”. Just don’t.

So much for now, delta out.

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