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By | September 2, 2013

Alright people, calm down. I know it’s me, and you can get your tablets signed over at the counter 😉

So – why do I pester these interwebs with yet another tech-blog? For once – because I can 😉
Second, the stuff I do is mostly non-production ready, meaning it would be premature to publish it on the respective developer-websites and clog them up with more random info that can either be gathered easily with the first 3 google-hits or is just too confusing, because at the time of writing, I’ve usually had less than 3 hrs sleep in the past 3 days and am in a caffeine-induced state of transcendence with the accompanying gibberish, that even I won’t understand after a good day’s sleep (admit it – we’ve all been there…).

So: what the hell is this all about?
Oh my, what a good looking question! Basically, this blog (yeah, it’s WP – so what?) serves as a melting pot for my endeavors in the wold of embedded devices. From time to time, I will publish snippets, progress reports, random ideas, information / specs that were a pain to gather, and the sorts. What I noticed in the past 13 years I’ve been poking around (devices of course ;D) is, that the number of people actually knowing about stuff is constantly decreasing while the number of bitchy ‘I managed to download Visual Studio and slap together the hello world tutorial – you may call me god’ wannabe-devs has skyrocketed. In the past months, it was nearly impossible to get a decent answer at my once regular goto-places for the most generic queries. Hence this blog: while it will probably never become your start page, I will at least make an effort to provide as much helpful(!!!) information to a select range of topics as I can, and hopefully, this might help more skilled devs to at least save some time or pick up where I left off.

I started out with a Siemens SIMPad 4 (insert ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’-meme here), moved on to Linksys NSLU2 that got forced to work on openSLUG, some WRT54s (the first project, that actually saw productive use ;D maybe more on that later), a handful of devboards (the FriendlyARM Tiny6410 being the most noteworthy) and finally “graduated” to full-blown, all proprietary tablets – what can I say? I like a challenge.

While dabbling with these devices, my M.O. matured from copying online-tutorials and annoying the living hell out of the guys over at #kernel on freenode to a point, where I feel confident to say that I have a fair idea of kernel-basics and a working knowledge of the embedded architecture. It’s far from being proficient, and that’s why the biggest reason, why this blog will always be a hobbyist kinda thing.

My ultimate goal is to rid the world of Android (hey – you gotta think big, and since Steve Jobs isn’t around anymore, someone has to pick up the slack ;D), but until that is achieved, I’ll settle for getting proper kernels (without all that funky droid-stuff) and generic distros to work on as many tablets as I can get my hands on. It’s not that I despise Android – I just can’t stand it and its perverted concepts merely paying lip service to the open source community – just to give you a few keywords here: ANDROID_PARANOID_NETWORK, Java (are you fucking kidding me???) and posts like these.
Before this blog gets flamed to death by Android-Droids calling me an Apple-fanboy (yeah, you caught me on that one): I appreciate the ground-work those guys have done and I’m more than happy to see that the more useful developments are flowing back to the official kernel, but that’s just about it.

So, what’s cooking these days?
Since I recently relocated to the UK, the roster is a bit diminished. Basically, it’s me, my MacBook Air ‘BigMac’, and fratler, my trusty development-steed armed to the teeth with virtual machines for our numerous endeavors. Currently, the only victim in the nukefield (minefield would be an understatement ;D) is an ARCHOS G9 80 Turbo. I managed to achieve some sort of pre-goal by getting a stripped-down android-kernel and a generic emdebian-distro to work. A more detailed post will follow – I… sorta promise ;D.

As of 5:36 this morning, my Asus Nexus 7 (2013) 16GB is in the Delivery Truck. If it knew what to expect once I get it in my claws, it’d probably stayed at it’s birthplace – oh well.
Since I need to make money to feed this little hardware-abusive habit of mine, I won’t be able to post very often, but I’d like to document at least the major steps and achievements from the very beginning this time, to make it easier for me and anyone reading this, to get back into it after a more or less voluntary break.

So then – enough useless babble, I hope I’ll be able to post the first preliminary findings this evening.
Until then: happy hunting!


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