News from the front…

Yellou everyone! I know I haven’t been very active over the past… months -_- However, there’s good reasons for that: I am about to finish my Master’s, the giant monster that has been monopolising my time and all but destroyed my social life – but hey, the end is in sight. Anywho – after having… Read More »

Nexus 7: i2c Bus Devices

While work on the kernel steadily progresses, there’s quite a few bits and pieces that finally fall into place. Here’s a list of all devices on the Nexus 7 that are hooked up via i2c. I’m currently working on getting the basics, such as charging and battery to work. The Summit Microelectronics SMB345 seems to… Read More »

*beep* – It’s alive!!!

Okay – I admit it. I’ve been absent for far too long. Would you beliee me if I told you, I had *erm* reasons? Yeah, didn’t think so 😀 Alright, so – my lazy ass was exactly that: lazy. This morning, I just couldn’t stand the Nexus’ puppy-eyes and got cracking a bit. Before I… Read More »

Devil may care

Just dropping by to give you a little update: Three weeks ago, my beloved BigMac kicked the bucket. His fellow electricals and myself are still shocked and in mourning. Until his replacement gets here, all my endeavours (as well as some other things) came to a screeching halt. I just got the confirmation that the… Read More »

Nexus 7: GPIO assignments

This might come in handy one day. I raided the DebugFS on the Nexus 7 and tried to cross-reference it with the Kernel-Source for GPIO pin-assignments and tried to match them to a module / functionality.